Protection against DDos-attack

Protection against DDoS attacks

Help protect your business from distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS attacks)
Protection against DDoS-attacks up to 100 Gbps per second
During a DDoS attack, hackers fill the site with parasitic traffic to disable online resources to block users from accessing them. DDoS-attack reduces the quality of service and brand reputation, at the same time leads to an outflow of customers and loss of revenue. The number and volume of DDoS attacks in the world is constantly growing. According to a Verisign report, the speed of attacks increased by an average of 26% to 14.1GB / s in the first quarter of 2017. The most common victims of attacks are members of the financial sector, online commerce and software vendors. Our security solution is designed to detect, clean or block malicious traffic, helping your business stay always online.
How DDoS protection works
The traffic sent by an attacker from the Internet and the legitimate traffic of Internet users come to the border router, which redirects traffic to commands from the AntiDDoS complex. The traffic of the user who needs cleaning is routed to the AntiDDoS cleaning system, after cleaning from the malicious component gets to the client. Legitimate traffic is sent directly to the customer.

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