IT outsourcing for the corporate sector

Why do you need IT outsourcing for technical support of infrastructure?

Many organizations suddenly face challenges such as:
- personnel shortage; for example, when a leading IT specialist suddenly decided to go abroad to work, and it is now very difficult to find a good specialist for an adequate salary quickly.
- mistakes of youth; when due to an initially incorrectly designed network, processes, etc. infrastructure is difficult to scale.
- growing pains; when, due to rapid development, problems arise in maintaining the current infrastructure and our own IT department cannot cope with all the tasks.
IT staffing problems cannot be resolved quickly. The system administrator is not a waiter, not a loader or a hookah man. People with good qualifications and reputation very rarely come across on job search sites and are very, very expensive.
Experiments, when instead of, for example, three IT specialists one works, are fraught with business interruption and large financial losses: shipments stop, payments do not go, client bases die ...
If problems with IT infrastructure maintenance do not allow you to develop, contact us! We have certified people who speak with Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Juniper, Mikrotik ... in the same language and are ready to devote some of their time to you.
We can help you solve both single problems and completely take the company for support. We have a flexible tariff policy designed for any budget.

We offer:

audit the network

Under the audit of a computer network or its inventory, it is customary to understand the way of building a LAN, checking whether it was organized correctly, whether there are any failures in the functioning of any of its nodes and whether they are possible in the future.

configure the network core correctly

We will help you configure and launch the kernel. We are able to work with equipment from such manufacturers: Cisco, Juniper, Ericsson, Brocade, Extreme ...

remotely accompany what you have configured

Your equipment will be serviced by a 365 * 24 * 7 team of highly qualified specialists with vast experience. You can safely go on vacation..

develop documentation

We have specialists on staff who can develop project documentation, as well as prepare documents for government agencies.

issue topology and hardware recommendations

Based on the indicators indicated by the provider: types of services, number of subscribers, we give recommendations on network design and equipment procurement.

build process automation

We are able to work with any popular software and hardware.

we provide backup hardware

We have a large set of servers, switches and routers in stock that we can use to hot swap for customer support.

lease IP addresses

Our company has LIRa status and can lease IP-addresses, or support your AS.

Why does the enterprise need it?

It is no secret that highly professional, experienced and certified specialists in all IT industries are worth their weight in gold. A good admin is very hard to find. He needs to be paid a decent salary. He needs to be taught periodically so that he keeps up with modern technologies. And do not forget that a person can get sick or go on vacation. Therefore, to fully service even a small network, at least two such employees are required. Now this is a very expensive pleasure. In addition to salary costs, the enterprise will also need additional costs for organizing jobs. add. rent, utilities, equipment. By the way, our services, unlike salaries, are subject to VAT. The solution that we offer allows you to save money, does not get sick, does not go on vacation and constantly improves your professional level, mastering new systems and technologies. The relationship between the company and the enterprise is strictly regulated by an agreement with a prescribed SLA.

Why us?

In the era of coronavirus and remote work, there is absolutely no difference between hiring a person and hiring a company, except for taxes. By the way, we are VAT payers.
We guarantee confidentiality. Before starting work, an NDA is signed.
We will not leave you to the mercy of fate, but are ready to support you. Please contact us. The price is determined individually. Before starting work, the TK is signed and if it is not fulfilled, then we do not take money.
a project that has existed for several years and has already been supported by about a dozen large companies in different regions of Ukraine. In 2019, we were the only company on the market to provide this kind of service to telecom operators and providers. Our team is recruited from qualified system administrators who have worked for many years in the country's IT companies. And believe me, our collective mind knows more than a single specialist, even with a cool resume.

Finished projects

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